Advocacy and Networking

Based on UN-declaration of safe water and sanitation as human rights, NGO Forum has been running an advocacy campaign titled Right to WatSan – Get it for All. Its objective is to ensure a right-based sectoral policy environment especially for the poor, vulnerable and excluded segments of the society. Multi-dimensional activities were conducted at both central and local level targeting policy-makers, programme planners, media, LGIs, civil society actors and hard-to-reach communities. Functioning of Union & Ward WatSan Committees and Disaster Management Committees and conduction of open budget at hard-to-reach areas such as haor, char, drought-prone, flood-prone and coastal areas along with the tea gardens and hills were major achievements under the Advocacy & Information Services. The organization maintained a strong information-flow during the year to support its Advocacy campaign. Regular and updated information stream was maintained between field & central level. Besides, organizing and participating in relevant events, producing and broadcasting TV talk-shows, preparing and distributing different publications contributed significantly to deliver sectoral information to national and international stakeholders

Promoting Governance and Human Rights

In recent times, NGO Forum has implemented several governance focused projects creating space for the community people to speak out for its demands and engage with participatory planning process of relevant LGIs. In 2017, NGO Forum completed the implementation of such a people centric intervention that addressed human rights of the socially excluded extreme poor and marginalized population in terms of their access to safe drinking water, primary healthcare, agriculture and social safety net services. Equitable allocation of the available public resources through participatory planning has been the critical issue ...

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National Resource Centre (NRC)

The concept for the NRC, under the umbrella of NGO Forum was developed in January 2001, and it commenced full operation in mid 2002. Since that time it has been providing multi dimensional support services (information database, research, documentation, advisory and referral services, dissemination of knowledge & technology) to various stakeholders, including government agencies, national and international NGOs, academic institutions, donor bodies, international agencies, research foundations, local and foreign consultants, expatriates and allied institutions engaged in WASH activities....

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