Health & Hygiene Promotion

The major activities conducted under Urban Resilience Bangladesh included community-based awareness and campaign, hygiene sessions including distributing hygiene kits; mobilizing resources from private sectors and others stakeholders and capacity building training for the community volunteers. The objectives of the training were to build the required skills among the volunteers for disseminating hygiene knowledge among the community women and adolescent groups and through them the health status will be developed in the slum community of Mymensingh. Area-wise work plans were developed by the volunteers to keep track of the implementation.

Community Mobilization

The priority concern of NGO Forum is to create awareness among community people to change the behavioral pattern related to basic WatSan and hygiene practices. NGO Forum realizes that it is a challenge to change people’s long practiced behavior. But it has been proved that Community Mobilization held the potential to create a permanent impact in the target areas. Realizing this NGO Forum facilitates a wide range of Community Mobilization activities through its partners since it believes that sustainable WatSan promotion can only be possible if changes come in people’s knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP)....

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Development Communication

Development communication has already been recognized one of the most important and central issue of the development process. The main aspect of development communication is communication for development. In this line the main objective of the IEC and BCC materials are to provide information, creating awareness and to motivate in practicing a new habit and help enhancing the skill thus being positive changes in the traditional/ongoing practices of the community people....

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