WASH Promotion

As integral part of Public Health, NGO Forum continues its WASH promotion intervention through software and hardware services. Water governance has been a priority issue for the Organization in recent years and much effort and initiatives have been poured into that direction. In the arena of hygienic sanitation promotion, NGO Forum has carried on exploring the sanitation marketing approach that brings in affordable product designs along with promotional campaigns. The approach is binary contributions. On one hand it has contributed to increase hygienic sanitation coverage among the poorest sections of the rural population; while on the other hand, it has promoted & boosted profit-making business for the local vendors that subsequently increases the availability of sanitary products in local market. In 2017, NGO Forum carried out its regular safe hygiene promotion activities within its working areas. Concurrently, it has worked to conserve environmental hygiene and promoting health through the prevention of human contact with the hazardous environmental conditions. Unsafe health conditions associated with the lack of healthy food, clean water, control of vectors and clean premises. Hygiene targets were focused on management of waste produced by human activities. Under the urban WASH programme, a model of improved sanitation and easy access to safe water supply was demonstrated in selected areas of slums.

Safe Water Supply

Safe drinking water scarcity has been increasing in Bangladesh alarmingly. Due to rapidly growing population, declining of groundwater table, Arsenic contamination, saline intrusion in coastal belt, surface water pollution, etc are major causes of this scarcity. Therefore, people have to collect drinking water from distant places and use to spend a significant amount of time for collecting drinking water. From the commitment of NGO Forum to serve the people, especially disadvantaged and unserved people, appropriate water technologies have been promoted. Focusing on groundwater, surface water and rain-water based ...

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Hygienic Sanitation

NGO Forum has extensively worked on ensuring the adequate and hygienic sanitation services to prevent communicable diseases and epidemics while ensuring good health and dignity. Even though the rate of latrine users has increased still coverage on Total Sanitation is not up to the mark. The situation in the hard-to-reach areas because of its geophysical realities is fragile in compare to plain land. In this regard, besides promotional activities, NGO Forum has taken initiatives in two ways to improve the sanitation condition, one is distribution of latrines and another is establishment of Village Sanitation Centr...

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Faecal Sludge Management

NGO Forum has been implementing improved and sustainable intervention for faecal sludge management in different context in line with the second generation challenges of sanitation as well as to achieve the SDG goal regarding this. Faecal sludge treatment plant has been in operation at Mymensingh City Corporation (MCC) since 2018 to tackle both the generated FS and organic waste with a due attention to exploring co-treatment option. The co-compost plant at MCC has created an opportunity to gain scientific and hands-on knowledge on the technical and operational aspects of co-composting of FS and MOW. The City Corpo...

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